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Gearing up for arrival!

We're gearing up and making final arrangements for our return to Georgia- arriving in Tbilisi in just a few short days!

(A view of Tbilisi, from Mtatsminda Park)

We'll be taking up digs in the soulful Sololaki neighborhood, located in the far right of the Tbilisi picture above. After a few days to settle in, we'll begin our film and trek in the western Gurian and central Imeretian wine regions.

(Pergola-trained vines in Imereti)

(Steel grapevines framing Tbilisi's Kashveti Church of St. George, Rustaveli Avenue)

We look forward to braving the often-challenging road conditions to catch up with dear wine friends and help tell their continuing, captivating story.

(A very typical Georgian traffic jam, in northern Kakheti)

(Niki Antadze [l] and Soliko Tsaishvili [r],

two of Georgia's finest qvevri winemaking artisans,

tasting together in Soliko's cellar)

For a quick engaging synopsis describing what makes Georgia so special, check out this article on Georgian qvevri wine, which was posted yesterday by Daniella Cheslow to NPR's foodways page 'The Salt'.

I look forward to staying in frequent blog-tact (at least once a week) during the entire adventure!


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